Peasant's Paladin (ppaladin) wrote,
Peasant's Paladin

I'm in Alexandria. Shellaby and I have been developing a great way to explore the city:

* Walk until you see something tasty to eat
* eat it
* repeat

If you see something tasty to drink, you can adapt the above strategy!

We also have a neat way of negotiating prices. Shellaby secretly knows arabic, but does not let the shopkeepers in on this bit of knowledge. We let the shopkeepers name a price, then Shellaby starts negotiating in arabic. They are so surprised they give us items for free (not really).

I'm not sure what is in falafal out here, but whatever it is, it is tastier than falafal at home. Also, you can get a falafal sandwich with tahini for about 20 cents.

Shellaby has asked me to report a fresh squeezed juice list. We have had:

* Sugar Cane
* Mango
* Orange
* Pomagranete
* Lemon (Shellaby only!)
* Guava
* Strawberry (Me only)
* Tamarind
* Hibiscus
* Weird brown one that didn't taste good

The strategy for crossing the street here -- walk bravely into the street at a steady, predictable pace. Cars will flow around you without slowing down. If you do slow down, cars will hit you, because they expect you to keep going at a steady, predictable pace. We have seen one stop light in our time here so far, and it was ignored.

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