Peasant's Paladin (ppaladin) wrote,
Peasant's Paladin

Plane delay

My plane was delayed by more than two hours because they accidentally painted the windshield of the plane! They had parked the plane next to something that was being painted, and after loading us all onto the plane they found that some paint had gotten on the plane's windshield and was obscuring the view!

Thankfully, they let us off the plane as soon as they realized that the plane was going out of service, due to inappropriate painting, and they did find us a new plane. I got to watch them work on the old plane through the airport window though. There was three (union) workers, all staring at one spot on the left side of the windshield. One of them would scrub at the spot with a rag for a minute, then stop and shake his head forlornly. I was imagining their conversation in my head:

"Hold on, I think I got it. Nope"

"Maybe we just need a different rag"

"What if we try rubbing it again -- maybe it will come off"

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