Peasant's Paladin (ppaladin) wrote,
Peasant's Paladin

Down These Mean Streets: An Improvised Noir

I'm directing a Film Noir style Improv Show. If you like dames, guns, danger, or laughing, you should come and check it out!

The show is called Down These Mean Streets: An Improvised Noir. In the style of the Maltese Falcon and the Big Sleep, this Film Noir style show will give you dames, guns, and danger in a classic 40s style. Each week Jeff Harlan, private investigator, will take on a case based on your audience suggestion. Bullets may fly and bodies may fall, but with any luck he will solve the case, catch the crook, and leave town, faster than a hungry cheetah can chase down a plump gazelle.

If you are more interested in what my wife does than in what I'm up to, she designed the poster above, so you should come to the show and support her work!:) The show opened last week, and so far things look great!

What: Down These Mean Streets: An Improvised Noir

When: Two remaining shows, Wednesdays June 9th and 16th, as part of the Comedy Lab.

Where: Improv Boston, 40 Prospect Street (Central Square) Cambridge Ma

To buy a ticket, go to, and buy a ticket for the comedy lab. You can also tell facebook that you're coming!

I hope to see you there!

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