Peasant's Paladin (ppaladin) wrote,
Peasant's Paladin

Free prize!

Yesterday, I got a mystery package. It was a medium sized yellow envelope from New Jersey waiting at my house. I opened it up and found -- entirely unexpectedly -- a signed copy of Naomi Novick's new novel, Tongues of Serpents!

I turns out, her publisher ran a promotion back in the beginning of May, where you could sign up to send someone a copy of the first book in the Temeraire series. Since I am a very good son, I sent a copy to my Mom. There are also a second clause in the promotion, one that I had entirely forgotten -- if you sign up to send anybody a book, you will also be entered to win a signed hardcover of Ms. Novick's new book.

Yay surprise book! Thanks Del Rey!

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